NEW YORK: Migrant CAUGHT In Food Stamp Fraud… What His Wife Says Is OUTRAGEOUS!


VIA| Ahmed Alshami owns a corner deli at 271 Ludington in the City of Buffalo called IGA Express Mart. You would think he’s living the American dream, to build and create something independently without government assistance.
According to the local District Attorney, Alshami was a total sham.

muslim food stamp fraud 2
For 1 year and half, Alshami has been ripping off the public in what some might call a clever scam but I call it downright disgusting. It is reported that Alshami was accused of Welfare fraud. He purchased the EBT cards, or Food Stamps as they use to be called, from the unemployed for well below the face value.

He would then use the EBT cards he bought and use them to purchase supplies for his store OR he would have the card owner go buy supplies for him with the card in exchange for cash. The purchases totaled thousands of dollars.

To top it all off , he broke into an empty rental property to steal even more stuff. The owner was arrested and held on $2 Million bail for his welfare fraud. Despite the evidence against him, he will be pleading ‘Not Guilty’. Now here comes the good part. AFTER defrauding Americans and theft and burglary, his wife and daughter are caught in this shocking video.

While his daughter flips off the camera, his wife yells at the camera “Are you happy now? F@#% you! F@#% America! WHY live in a place you hate, just to defraud the country you live in?

Ironically her husband and her family have been F@#% ing America for too long. Thanks goodness he was caught! Even more ironic the Department of Homeland Security is demanding that America take in even more refugees in a tweet the end of last month.

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