NEW FOOTAGE Of Hillary Appearing Drunk And Disorderly At Her Own Rally…



We’ve already detailed Hillary’s problems with staying sober. Apparently Hillary loves a few glasses of booze to get her through the day. If you had a crippling headache all the time and a husband who was always messing things up for you, wouldn’t you like to be a bit tipsy in the middle of the afternoon?

Hillary falls down drunk again. .. You seem really obsessed with Hillary.

That’s fine for most other Americans. It isn’t fine when an alcoholic wants to be leader of the free world.

Via Hannity.com

A video captured and shared by New Jersey Senator Cory Booker ahead of a June 1st rally in Newark, New Jersey shows an unusually jovial Clinton singing and dancing shortly before appearing with rock musician Jon Bon Jovi.

what do you think? Is Hillary too drunk to be President?

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