#NeverTrump Delegates Throw TANTRUM As They’re OUTED For Good


VIA| Monday afternoon, they thought they had signatures from the majority of nine delegations, but Trump aides quickly got a majority of delegates in three states to rescind their support, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Even their plot to bring in 1,200 lime green hats for the anti-Trump delegates to wear on the convention floor didn’t work – when they arrived, they found delegate whips working for Trump and the RNC already wearing hats of the exact same color.

“They chose to divide and try to conquer. He didn’t unify the party,” said Kendal Unruh, the Colorado delegate responsible for trying to unbind the delegates from Mr. Trump. “You cannot demand allegiance out of people when they’ve been in so many ways demonstrated to that they’re irrelevant.”

 Former Virginia Attorney General and Virginia delegate Ken Cuccinelli threw his name badge and credentials on the floor and walked away in a huff.

Another man shouted to the Republican leaders, “You are ignoring delegates who have been elected to this convention!”…. forgetting that by trying to stop Trump’s nomination, he himself was ignoring voters who had chosen Donald Trump as their nominee.

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