A Man Nearly Lost His Wife. But Soon Learns That With Faith, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN


God Is Good

I met my now wife in June 2015 and we married in Oct 2015. She said she had lupus, I had no idea what it was… well in November 2015, she went septic with pneumonia and started to turn black and blue.

I used to be a firefighter so I knew something was up… I could not find a pulse I rushed her to ER where she was in a coma for three months. She lost 10 toes, but she lived.

Come to find out she has I.T.P, no spleen and much more. I was so mad at God after 44 yrs I finally found mine and he wanted her back so I prayed and prayed and she lived. Ten toes less she is my world. Just goes to show you God answers prayer. Don’t ever give up God. He gave me my wonderful wife and life. Yes she is getting better and so am I. Praise God

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