California is really screwing itself on a national level thanks to the ridiculous number of activist democrats consuming the state.

Not only does the federal government want nothing to do with you after claiming to support illegals despite President Trump’s executive order, now several major companies would rather do business out of ANY other state because of some really outrageous tax laws.

California claims to be rolling in the dough and has the highest concentration of wealthy people in the country. Apparently they achieve this by taxing major companies in an attempt to show capitalism who is boss. How’s that working out for you guys?

Nestle has decided to join this growing list of companies who can’t stand being in California for multiple reasons.

Via The Blaze:

According to an op-ed from IBD’s Terry Jones, Nestle was lured from Glendale, California, to Rosslyn, Virginia, through tax incentives worth $16 million. But the tax incentive played only a part in the decision by the chocolate company to relocate:

A part from having higher taxes, absurd housing costs and more regulations than nearly any other state, California’s wacky laws have turned the Golden State into a venue of choice for activist groups to file costly class action lawsuits — or to launch anti-corporate PR campaigns against big, wealthy targets like Nestle.

In recent years, Nestle has faced two such activist-led actions, both spurious: One involves allegations that Nestle improperly documented its anti-slave-labor policies. Not that it employed slave labor, it just didn’t document it online.

Nestle is just the latest company to move from what Jones calls one of the “worst places to do business in America.”

Toyota shifted its U.S. headquarters and thousands of jobs from Torrance to Dallas, while global oil giant Occidental Petroleum moved its corporate HQ from Los Angeles to Houston, reports IBD.

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  1. Peter

    February 18, 2017 at 4:31 am

    At least companies have a alternative now and don’t have to move to Mexico Trump for workers and for business if you want a better life and you are a legal citizen move to cities run by republicans and not liberal nut cases

  2. Mary A Noriega

    February 18, 2017 at 6:22 am

    A President that is intent on” Making America Great Again’ Keeping his promise to the American People. I supported President Trump from the very start… I liked what his plan was for America..The Democrats want him impeached or killed to remove him from the Presidency. Their purpose is to continue with the corruption that has existed in D.C.The D.C. Bunch are Public Servants …. They have brainwashed the American People long enough..You work for us. And failed us in the process.Change will come once the swamp is drained…The hatred, violence, riots and the destruction of our country…The Democrats with their lies….and corruption…Need to be removed from power and also some Republican’s.. It is up to the American People…. We are American’s. and Love Our Country.

  3. Rick Johnson

    February 19, 2017 at 11:59 am

    California has reached and surpassed the point of diminished return. Companies see it impossible to maintain their businesses in this state due to over regulation and taxation. It is easy to see what the California debt load i more than many countries in the world. As more companies leave this state it will reach a point where bankruptcy is the only remaining choice for the state. The bad thing about this is so many of those who are living off the government will soon move to other states and become a burden on the working citizens of those states.

    Congress should pass a law stating that anyone on welfare which moves from one state to another. That the previous state must pay the benefits for a period of 2 years.

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