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Navy Pilot performs Amazing Rescue with co-pilot Barely clinging on


Navy pilots risk life and limb every time they take to the sky.

Back in 1991 two Navy lieutenants were flying over the Indian Ocean when the unexpected occurred and one of them was ejected from the plane after a malfunction occurred. However the lieutenant was still barely tethered to the plane and the other lieutenant was put in the position of saving both their lives which he managed to pull off in spectacular fashion.

Via Conservative Tribune:

As Navy Lt. Mark Baden and Lt. Keith Gallagher were flying their Grumman A-6 Intruder over the Indian Ocean on July 9, 1991, for a routine mission, something happened that forever changed their lives.

According to accounts of the incident published in Approach magazine and later posted to, the rear part of the plane’s canopy suddenly cracked and half-ejected the navigator Gallagher from the aircraft.

“Pain, confusion, panic, fear and denial surged through my brain and body as a new development occurred to me: I couldn’t breathe,” Gallagher continued. “My helmet and mask had ripped off my head, and without them, the full force of the wind was hitting me square in the face.”

There was only one thing the pilot could do — signal to the USS Abraham Lincoln that he was going to attempt an emergency landing and would need all the help the carrier could provide.

Luckily for him, the carrier’s crew were more than willing to comply.

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  1. Bob Duffy

    July 26, 2017 at 8:03 am

    This story does not seem plausable to me, I was a mechanic on a variety of Navy aircraft, one of my specialties was canopy systems and ejection systems. Whatever happens with the canopy has little or nothing to do with ejection. There might be an interlock block so the seat can’t fire until the canopy goes, but not always. A-6 intruders have Martin Baker seats, which can be activated by 2 methods, pulling the face curtain or the secondry firing handle between your legs. Landing on a carrier with somebody hanging out would be fatal, reducing speed from about 149 knots to 0, in a fraction of a section would result in that prson being sling shotted toward the front of the carrier.

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