MUST SEE: U.S. Marine SLAMS Obama by Standing by the Road with THIS Sign…



The case of Bowe Bergdahl is a tragic and shameful one. The Obama White House claimed he served with “honor and distinction”… but the Army just charged him with desertion. He deserves a serious sentence… If not the death penalty, he should be behind bars forever.

Why? Because a handful of our troops DIED trying to locate him. Bergdahl also apparently was too willing to assist the enemy, giving up critical troop locations and sharing other information.

And our Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama violated the constitution and illegally traded him for five high-profile terrorists, most of whom have returned to the battlefield. Obama is playing a dangerous game, and it’s hard to tell if Obama on our side.

One patriotic Marine has had enough, and here he is on a busy freeway with his sign. God bless him!



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