Mugger’s BRUTAL Attack On A 76 Yr Old Woman Caught On Camera… Seconds Later, This MAN Saves Her



There’s one would-be mugger in Florida who wishes he had stayed home recently. He could not have fathomed how his day was going to end.

When he cruised the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie Store on his bicycle, he was scouting for potential victims. He found one in the form of a seventy-six-year-old lady that he perceived as an easy target — or so he thought.

Well, Rosemary Carelton decided she was going to make some noise. She wasn’t about to give up her purse so easily.

Unfortunately, the deviant decided to use some force and threw Rosemary down against the pavement. But the commotion alerted bystanders to the situation.

Luckily for Rosemary, Kendrick Taylor and a couple of other good Samaritans came quickly. The security film captured the incident very well.

Kendrick Taylor is a Navy Veteran and was certainly in the right place at the right time. He and two others chased the subject as if they were football players going to make the tackle.

It’s pretty satisfying to watch Kendrick catch up, throw him down, and hold him until Police arrive.

This amateur “bad guy” certainly got what he deserved. It was later found out that he had been out on probation when he had decided to strike again. Definitely not his finest hour.

Fortunately Rosemary came out of the ordeal with only some bumps and bruises. It’s terrible that this innocent victim had to go through such a catastrophic event, but at least she’s doing well now!

Mr. Taylor recently received the Medal of Merit from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for his actions. The Facebook comments on this video are full of raving reviews about the Samaritan’s heroics.

Many people who have seen this clip have mentioned they think the brave men who went after the mugger were raised right and it’s great they were in the right place at the right time. Fellow Navy members could not be prouder of their fellow vet.

“You did us proud!” they boasted. You’re definitely a hero Kendrick Taylor, whether you think so or not.

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  1. Charles R Batchelor

    October 12, 2016 at 9:47 am

    Hurrah Sailor!

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