MOTHER OF GOD!!!- Shocking NEW Report On What’s Really Going With Rising SEA LEVELS.




There are plenty of issues that liberals have been extremely dishonest about over the last several years.

Climate change has to be one of the most egregious examples.

The liberal left wants you to believe that every scientist in the world agrees on climate change and that we should kill hundreds of thousands of American jobs to combat the problem.

That’s false of course and a lot of the data and evidence they use is also false.

The reality is that we are still learning a lot about this subject.

In fact, a new study has scientists extremely surprised…

From The Daily Caller:

Scientists were shocked by what they found while pouring over accounts by famous South Pole explorers from about a century ago — findings that could change the way experts think about Antarctica and global warming.

Researchers found that Antarctic sea ice extent has barely changed since Ernest Shackleton’s botched expedition to map out the South Pole in 1917.

Antarctic sea ice conditions in Shackleton’s day mirrored those of today, according to a new study using logs compiled by Shackleton, in addition to data from other noteworthy Antarctic forays during the early 20th Century.

Gee, that’s weird!

Just another example of how the left has been forced to resort to dishonesty and deceit in order to push a factually incorrect narrative.

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