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Mom’s Twins Are Snug In The Crib, But When One Starts To Cry, Watch What Happens Next…


Quieting His Crying!

Quieting His Crying!YouTube Screenshot

Babies are so cute, especially newborns. The only issue is the crying, however, in the end, it’s, of course, TOTALLY worth it. It is also really nice when you have a little helper, someone to help when things go awry. That’s exactly what happened in this precious situation.

Mom’s twins were snuggled in their crib, when her baby boy starts to cry. That’s when somehow his sister’s thumb ends up in his mouth, and inadvertently helped the situation. It reminds me of that viral video of the toddler who stuck his finger in his baby brother’s mouth, and the baby bit it. Although, this is a completely different situation, it is still very cute.

Baby brother starts to suck on his sister’s thumb and it instantly calms him down. It’s adorable, and too cute for words. Hopefully Mom will find other ways to keep her baby boy calm – so his sister doesn’t have to be around all the time to comfort him. All in all, it’s ADORABLE!

So Sweet!

Wait until you see this super cute video, it will definitely give you all the feels! Enjoy!

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