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Mom’s Headed To The Hospital, But Didn’t Make It There. Now Watch WHO Delivers Her Baby…


Risky Delivery In A Car!

Risky Delivery In A Car!

High-risk pregnancies are always hard on the morale of the pregnant mother. Many mothers believe that the reason is their fault and work extra hard to ensure their baby remains healthy.

This mom, Kim, went into labor in the car – so they had to pull over. They just so happened to have pulled over in front of a wedding. Kim’s baby had a 75% chance of survival, and luckily, the mother of the bride was an ER nurse.

She helped Kim get through the delivery, but noticed the newborn was not breathing. Usually, in the hospital, they would have a machine to help the baby breath, but she did not have that so she flipped him on his stomach. The baby started to breathe by the grace of God! Mom and baby both survived the car birth. Watch how it all went down in the video below. I don’t know what I would have done in that situation. God bless everyone involved!

Watch The Whole Story!

I’m so glad Mom and Baby are safe!

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