Mom Has Warning After Kitchen Product That’s Sold Millions Of Units Nearly Takes Off Her Hand


Is this a problematic product or operator stupidity?

Woman is suing a company after savagely mangling her hand on one of their products. Only problem is it kind of sounds like she is just an idiot who doesn’t read warning labels and has the patience of a toddler.

On top of that her husband is also suing the company for mental anguish through marital association. He has some kind of mental problem if he thinks he has any chance of winning.

What do you think, should her and her husband be awarded the win in this lawsuit or is it her own fault for being foolish?

Via AWM:

 When Nevada woman Wendy Littlefield started using her NutriBullet 900 blending machine, she was excited to give the trendy kitchen appliance a full test run. But when the device “suddenly malfunctioned” and exploded, the spinning blades went flying and chopped apart her right hand.

Because the Magic Bullet failed while attempting to blend some canned tomatoes and beans, Wendy is suing.

Based on her experience, Wendy claims that the company should have known that their products were “unreasonably dangerous and defective when used for its intended use.”

Her lawsuit demands compensation, which she believes she is entitled to. These will come in addition to general damages for pain, suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement.

Her husband Darryl is also getting involved in the lawsuit. Because of his wife’s injury, he asserts, their “marital association has been altered.”

He claims to have suffered “mental anguish” because he witness his wife’s horrific injury.

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