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Mom Sets This Baby Crib Out on Her Porch Every Night—The Reason Why Sent Chills Up My Spine


Back in 2014, a little baby boy was found abandoned in a drain, left for dead by his mother. Just one week later, another newborn was found buried at Maroubra Beach in Australia. The cases were not related, but that’s what made the two tragic discoveries within seven short days so much more horrifying for 56-year-old Catherine Lucre.


The midwife and nurse from Sydney was sick to her stomach over the news and appalled that nobody was taking action to make a safe space for mothers to leave unwanted babies.

“I don’t understand why we as a society aren’t outraged by the discovery of babies being buried in the sand,” she reported to the UK Daily Mail. “If the government isn’t doing anything, I will.”

And these two instances were not the first that Catherine had encountered. In 2009, there was a baby body uncovered at a rubbish heap, and she called the cops to pay for the funeral. In her career as a midwife, she saw many mothers who struggled with depression and other personal issues that made caring for a baby difficult, but she was devastated that they didn’t know they had options.


 “I understand there are reasons women are pushed to conceal their pregnancies, and there are a lot of women who suffer from depression,” she said.

As a mother of four, her heart broke for the innocent children who were being punished for this, so she decided to create “Operation Safe Haven.” On her organization’s Facebook page, she provides her phone number and location, and states that she is open 24 hours for mothers to drop offunwanted babies. She leaves a bassinet by her front door so that they may leave their infant at her doorstep without being identified or having to answer any questions.

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