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Modern Day Cave Man Builds An Incredible Rock House


There is a magical place nestled in the Wyre Forest of Worcestershire, England. Within the forest lies a bunch of rocky sandstone cliffs, estimated to be some 250 million years old. Those cliffs are where Angelo Mastropietro decided to build his rock house. He wasn’t the first soul to be taken by the beauty of the spot, it has captured the imaginations of countless people throughout the ages.

Legend has it that even J.R.R. Tolkien was inspired by the cliffs when he was writing his epic masterpiece The Lord of The Rings.
Angelo’s vision began a few years ago when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The former businessman knew he had to make some lifestyle changes and decided to throw himself into making a home out of a cave he’d purchased. He started off with a budget and did the majority of the physical work himself. This required him to chip, cut, and break away tons of rock as he slowly burrowed further and further into the cliff side. Over 1,000 hours later Angelo estimates that he removed anywhere between 70 and 80 tons of heavy rubble and chunks of rock by hand. In fact, the entire front terrace portion of the structure, which is quite spacious, was created entirely by him!

Don’t let the ancient, primitive aspects of a cave house that come to mind fool you. Angelo’s rock house is fully wired and equipped with the latest technology, including Wi-Fi. Modern comforts are also included, such as heated flooring and ventilation to keep toes warm. There are also several wood stove fireplaces throughout the home that keep the chill out and ensure the place stays cozy. To brighten up the dark space he installed lots of lighting, while still managing to maintain the natural aspects of the cave with clever illumination tricks. The bathroom features a beautiful stone and pebble tiled walk-in shower that is spacious and unique. It uses fresh running water and is spa-like in terms of both looks and quality. The kitchen is fully functioning with a fridge, sunken sink, stove, and microwave. Best of all, there are several windows and a front door that let natural light in, and really make the place feel like home.

For now the cave serves as a vacation home, but one day Angelo wishes to make it his full time residence. The entire project started with just a vision and by the end of it all Angelo had turned the immense challenge into a truly stunning masterpiece. He may just be the real life Fred Flintstone, and his unique cave house turned out spectacular.


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