Mexico Accepts Its Fate


Democrats said Mexico would NEVER help pay for the wall. As usual they were wrong.

The wall between Mexico and America is beneficial for both countries and therefore should be paid for by BOTH countries.

Mexico’s former Foreign Minister was clearly a liberal because he just couldn’t understand this elementary concept. Fortunately Mexico has a new President

Via Daily Caller:

When then-candidate Donald Trump was proposing a border wall, then-Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu called it “impractical” and “wrong.” Ruiz Massieu is no longer Mexico’s foreign minister, and the new man in the role, Luis Videgaray, has come to accept Trump’s border wall.

“It is impossible to think of a 2,000-mile border being walled off and trade between our two countries stopped,” Ruiz Massieu said last February. “It is impractical, inefficient, wrong and, frankly, it is not an intelligent thing to do.”

Foreign Minister Videgaray said in an appearance on MSNBC Thursday that it’s “very clear from the president himself” that the wall is going to be built.

The Mexican foreign minister added that he acknowledges “that the US as a sovereign nation like any other sovereign nation has a right to protect its borders the way the country best thinks it.”

Videgaray said that Mexico doesn’t “like the idea of a border wall,” “but it’s not for us to decide.”

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