Melania Trump’s Outfit At Debate Makes Her The Focus Of Speculation



Melania Trump sent Twitter users reeling Sunday night with debates over whether her choice of fashion at Sunday night’s presidential debate was designed to add a layer of defiance to the image she projected entering the debate hall.

The former fashion model has maintained a high level of privacy despite her husband’s presidential campaign, and on Saturday issued a rare comment condemning lewd comments her husband made in a leaked 2005 video in regard to his pursuit of women.

“The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me,” her statement said. “This does not represent the man that I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader.”

“I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world,” the statement concluded.

With Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, withholding any public comment on the video, Sunday night’s debate was the first public glimpse at the two women closest to Trump since the video was released Friday.

The Daily Mail called Melania Trump’s entrance in an $1,100 Gucci blouse “majestic.” It wasn’t just the hot pink color of the blouse that ensured it would command attention.

The fashion term to describe for the bow around her neck used the same word as a vulgar word used by her husband in the video.

One Twitter user asked, “Wait, on a fashion note, did Melania Trump intentionally wear a ‘p—– bow’ blouse tonight?”

“With the recent Donald controversy, I find it a little ironic that Melania Trump wore the Gucci “p—–bow” shirt,” tweeted another.

One Twitter user noted that the style worn by the former model has been called by its current name since the 1940s. “Intentional choice or passive-aggressive stylist?” commented another. 

A spokesman for Melania Trump said that “this was not intentional,” according to a tweet from Sopan Debof CBS.

Twitter users were not so sure.

“Melania’s definitely trolling us,” posted one.

As for Ivanka Trump, she appeared by her father’s side, exchanging a post-debate kiss with him before having a brief conversation with Chelsea Clinton.

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  1. Bonnie

    October 11, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    How disgusting it is how supposedly they are adults yet act like they are still in high school attacking the wardrobe of another girl. Melania looked stunning giving America a prelude of real class that is coming into the Whitehouse when Trump becomes President. It’s a shame that some disgusting people point out negative things as they did about Melania. Their lack of self-esteem and disappoinments of their own lives chastise them when they look at someone so beautiful as Melania.

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