This Guy is A Trick Shot Artist, And You’ll Be AMAZED At What He Can Do!


The Frisbee Trick Shot Artist


Brodie Smith isn’t worried about what “everybody else is doing.” He’s not the sort to focus-group his life until all the edges are smoothed out. He’s a maker, a doer, a man who tries things and learns on the fly. In a world that seems to always push for homogenization, those qualities are nothing short of radical.

In high school, Smith discovered that he liked Frisbee, maybe even had some talent for it. He joined an ultimate Frisbee team and played after school a few days a week. When he moved on to the University of Florida, the interest blossomed and he was able to connect with other people as excited about the sport as he was. College is perfect for that sort of thing.

And that’s where the story ends… For most people. Plenty of kids discover new passions in high school, find a like-minded community in college, then enter the “real world” only to see those passions fade.

But that’s not Brodie Smith’s story. His story is unique and odd and perfect for the modern era. In 2012, he started making videos — Frisbee trick shots, incredible catches — the sorts of things that people would watch on their phones while thinking “I should get out more.” The videos found an audience and before long, there was a revenue stream. Smith no longer had to worry about getting a day job.

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These days, the creative star collaborates on videos with fellow YouTube heroes, has his own line of Frisbee products, and appears as a contestant on the 28th season of The Amazing Race.

“Everything that’s happened has been because of Frisbee,” he explains. “Now I’m doing things I’m not necessarily throwing a Frisbee..but my love for this game set all the wheels in motion.”

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