Media CAUGHT Trying To Cover What REALLY Happened To Hillary At Florida Rally, So FOX NEWS Stepped In.



Donald Trump holds rallies in stadiums and arenas for tens of thousands of people regularly.

Hillary Clinton holds rallies in gymnasiums and other very small maximum capacity locations, because people aren’t enthused enough about her campaign to show up.

A recent Hillary event was held at Palm Beach State College in Florida.

Between 1,000 and 2,000 people were in attendance. Compared to other events, this one was YUGE.

Fox Business Network mocked the size of the Clinton rally, seeing as how we’re only two weeks out from the general election.

From Gateway Pundit:

“Here it is nowhere near the size of the crowd we saw in Sanford, Florida yesterday for Mr. Trump, 15,000. There’s maybe a thousand to two thousand people here today. The Clinton rallies tend to be much smaller and you can see there’s empty space here and she’s supposed to speak in 15 minutes. And I can tell you that as the camera pans across that if we were at a Trump rally this would absolutely be packed.”

I wonder if these “supporters” had to be instructed to what to chant like we’ve seen at other Clinton rallies?

Highly likely.

The difference between a Trump rally and a Clinton rally is that with the former you may be told to leavebecause the place is jam-packed, while at the other you can grab a front row parking spot two minutes before it begins.

Gotta love it.

November 8th will be close for Lord knows what reason.

But one thing is certain, and that is people cannot stand Hillary Clinton.

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