Medal of Honor Vets Send SCATHING Letter to ‘Stolen Valor’ Senator


Lying about receiving a Medal of Honor is completely despicable. Naturally, this kind of behavior would come from none other than a Democrat.

Richard ‘Dick’ Blumenthal served as AG of Connecticut for 20 years before becoming senior US Senator from Connecticut where he currently serves. He is also a disgraceful liar and a hypocrite. Calling for ‘extreme vetting’ of Neil Gorsuch considering the lack of vetting surround his own position is as hypocritical as it comes.

Receiving the medal of honor is one of the highest honors the US military awards. Lying about receiving the medal of honor may be one of the most dishonorable and detestable statements someone could make. That’s exactly what Senator Richard Blumenthal had the nerve to say.

Actual recipients of this prestigious medal have a few choice words for this complete coward.

Check it out:

According to American Thinker, Fourteen Medal of Honor recipients from the Vietnam War have signed a letter challenging and rebuking Connecticut’s pathetic Stolen Valor senator, Richard Blumenthal, for his hypocrisy on opposing Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Via Washington Examiner:

Dear Sen. Richard Blumenthal,

You recently called upon your Senate colleagues to subject Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record to “extreme vetting,” questioning both his qualification and biography. The Senate certainly has the right and obligation to closely review any nominee for the United States Supreme Court. Conversely, it is our right as Americans and veterans to scrutinize your hypocrisy in doing so.

The fact you repeatedly and consistently claimed to have served in Vietnam is a gross case of stolen valor in our opinion.

We recognize that military service of any kind is valuable to the protection of our nation’s freedom. There is no shame in engaging in “Toys for Tots” campaigns, recycling efforts, or assisting in the improvement or construction of various facilities, which appears to be a fair description of the bulk of your duties during the Vietnam War.

What is offensive to those who fought in a most brutal conflict, some of us who were captured and tortured by our enemy is any comparison of those most brutal experiences to the ones of people like you who never even sniffed the air in Vietnam.

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  1. Birgitta

    February 23, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    He is a despicable person. He is a lier. He should not open his mouth and try to deskridet our President . Have no respect for people like this.

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