MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!: Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Panicking…


VIA| The liberal media love to parrot out Hillary’s slight lead in some of the swing states, but they are forgetting about the silent majority. They are forgetting that it is a movement that is strong and growing, and interesting things continue to happen across the country.

Trump supporters are taking the state of Michigan in particular by storm with an immense amount of flash mobs throughout the state.

There is no question there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to living in Michigan, but the state is sort of a microcosm for the litany of social problems that have been brought on because of the shortsighted policies from liberal leadership.

Because of that, people are frustrated, and so by last count this reliably-blue, unique state has been host to at least 25 large groups proudly voicing their support for Donald Trump.

Indeed, there are at least six locations where the organization is the most prominent, and these would include a lot of diverse places within the Wolverine State.

To start with, Trump supporters held a flash mob in Flint Township where there were many Trump signs throughout the crowd. One individual was proudly holding up an American flag. Trump supporters in Jackson also proudly displayed their support for the real estate billionaire. Many held up “Hillary for Prison” signs and “Veterans for Trump” placards.

Trump supporters also held a rally in Saginaw Township and Muskegon County, and many of the supporters called on other swing states to hold flash mobs for Trump as well.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this activity in Michigan would be the fact of it being indicative of a much larger movement. This can be shown by the sign from one man in Washtenaw County that read: “Democrats for Donald Trump.”

These people realize the gridlock is only going to continue with Hillary. They also realize she will blatantly thumb her nose at the checks and balances of the House and Senate if need be and just sign executive orders, letting in an immense number of immigrants and further contributing to the ruin of this country.

These voters realize America is at risk, and with Hillary’s Supreme Court appointment opportunities, it could easily become like Detroit with its immense amount of problems. The movement will continue despite Hillary’s lies.

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