Major Networks HIDING One of the Biggest Stories of the Year, Soon As O’Reilly Discovers It He Unloads…


Liberal media refuses to report on crimes involving illegal immigrants.

Clearly, these news outlets are hiding stories about illegals committing a crime in a lame attempt to support democrats decision to keep them in the country. In reality though hiding these stories only hurts American citizens. One 14-year-old girl in Maryland is one of America’s citizens who suffered a great injustice on two fronts.

First of all, she was brutally raped in the bathroom at her high school by two men one of whom is here illegally. As if that isn’t bad enough the media didn’t even respect her enough to show their support. When a crime of that magnitude occurs what reason could news outlets give for not wanting to cover it? Isn’t that their job?

Via Polizette:

Even though a local Fox News reporter raised the story during Tuesday’s White House press briefing, three major news networks ignored the rape of a 14-year-old teenager in Maryland by at least one illegal immigrant, according to a Wednesday report from the Media Research Center.

“In fact, the only mention NewsBusters could find this story on any of these networks were brief reports on the 4 am CNN and CBS early morning shows,” MRC NewsBusters wrote on its site. “So what deserved more attention than the brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl, in her own high school by two men, at least one of which shouldn’t have been allowed into this country?”

Fox New’s commentator and the host of ‘the O’Reilly factor,’ Bill O’Reilly got wind of this news and went to town on the liberal media sources involved in the cover up.

Via Townhall:

You better believe that Bill O’Reilly, who has long been a proponent of seeking justice for victims of violent illegal immigrants, (i.e. his work on behalf of Kate’s Law) noticed the slight on “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday night. ABC, NBC, and CBS did not cover the story on their nightly or morning newscasts, he noted, nor did CNN or MSNBC.

“That is beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my 40 plus years of journalism,” he said. “A story of that magnitude was ignored by the national media.”

Watch Here: 

Actions speak louder than words, and in this case, liberal news sources actions are despicable. Exaggerating a story and hiding a story fall into the same category: fake news.

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