LMAO: ISIS Threatens Texans – Texas’ Response Is FUNNY AF!


ISIS is known for picking on the weakest parts of the world in true cowardice fashion.

Radical Islamists now known as the Islamic state or ISIS are known for the all out murder of woman, children, and the elderly. Recently ISIS released a “kill list” which includes the state of Texas, apparently ISIS thinks they are ready for a real fight because In Texas woman and the elderly are all packing heat. In the Middle East ISIS has been able to mow down any they see fit, however this same task put to the test in Texas is sure to present a challenge that ISIS will most definitely lose.

Via Clash Daily:

ISIS tried to threaten Texans. Texans had THIS answer for them:

Odd, Texas doesn’t seem to be very intimidated. Why might that be?

Oh right:

Texas is a state filled to the brim with armed Citizens, not lambs ready for slaughter.

If you mess with Texas you get the horns!

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