LIBTARD Reveals Nauseating Plan to SEVERELY DAMAGE America on February 17


Once again liberals come up with a ridiculous plan to prove they aren’t happy with our REPUBLICAN President. Shocking. Not.

Of course you don’t like him, we didn’t like having a democratic president. Difference is we still respected our government enough to deal with it politically.

According to Conservative Tribune– As of Feb. 6, at least 16,000 presumably soon-to-be-unemployed rabble-rousers reportedly planned to engage in a strike on Feb. 17 to express their unified displeasure with President Donald Trump.

The idea was reportedly the brainchild of Francine Prose, an American writer who last month penned a piece for The Guardian calling for a “nonviolent national general strike.”

“Let’s designate a day on which no one (that is, anyone who can do so without being fired) goes to work, a day when no one shops or spends money, a day on which we truly make our economic and political power felt, a day when we make it clear: how many of us there are, how strong and committed we are, how much we can accomplish,” she wrote.

Apparently, her liberal peers decided to act on her request and launch both a website and a Facebook event page promoting the strike, which has tentatively been scheduled for Feb. 17.

As of Monday evening, 16,000 had signaled their intent to participate.

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