Liberals who attacked Ben Carson as “unqualified” just got a MAJOR wake-up call


Democrats accused Trump of hiring the wrong guy to run HUD. Well, it turns out that blame should go to Obama.

In the few short months of being the inspector general for HUD, Ben Carson has uncovered billions of dollars in errors from the previous administration. Nothing was properly filled or documented to the extent that a proper audit can’t even be performed.

Via Allen B West:

In total, there was $520 billion in bookkeeping errors (this doesn’t mean that $520 billion went missing) in 2015 and 2016. Officials at HUD had to fix $3.4 billion worth of errors in 2015 and $516.4 billion in 2016. Despite those fixes, the inspector general in December was unable to issue an opinion on the Department’s financial statements and pointed to 11 errors in them, seven of which were significant deficiencies and five of which were instances of failure of complying with laws and regulation.

The unresolved issues — the same ones the IG highlighted in its December report — include HUD lawyers’ refusals to sign a management letter listing all HUD litigation, HUD’s improper accounting methods, failure to correctly measure assets and liabilities, discrepancies between general ledger and sub-ledger accounts, and $4.2 billion in loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s financial statements that lack sufficient support for an audit.

Sounds to me like Obama made a bad choice and Trump’s nominee is doing the dirty work to clean up the mess left to him by his predecessor.

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