Liberals Go Above and Beyond to Support incoming Refugees, Their repayment is NOT what they expected


Liberal families in Canada learn the hard way what Republicans have been trying to teach them about Refugees.

A Canadian neighborhood heard the news that Syrian refugees would be joining the community and in true liberal fashion they couldn’t wait to welcome them with open arms. However they soon realized that their good nature was not to be returned. Democrats pretend that Refugees are peaceful people who are just looking for a fresh start, in reality most Refugees are Muslims and Muslims are NOT interested in assimilation in any form.

Via Freedom Daily:

 When one liberal family discovered that Syrian refugees were being placed in their neighborhood they jumped into action. The family put together a generous care package of sorts to welcome their new neighbors. However, the family and other neighbors nearby quickly changed their tune horrified by how they were “repaid”.

The liberal family decided that they would welcome Syrian refugees with open arms in their Hamilton, Ontario neighborhood. This family and many of their neighbors believed all the hype that the media had said about Refugees being peaceful.

Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy conducted an interview with a woman who was an eye-witness to the events in the Hamilton neighborhood. Andrea explained how the neighborhood naively accepted the left’s propaganda on how wonderful the Syrian refugees were. The neighborhood families all donated money to provide the new family with bicycles, furniture, and garden supplies. However, as the warm feelings of being neighborly quickly subsided after the Syrian family began to assault the local children.

Andrea explains that when she was in her home she heard a loud ruckus outside of her home. When she looked outside that was when she discovered that the Syrian children were hurling stones and bricks at the Canadian children. Andrea then went on to say that she witnessed the eldest of the Syrian children who is around 16, pick up what appeared to be a shovel and attempt to beat one of the children’s father. While that was happening the other Syrian children were throwing bricks at the Canadian neighbors too. But, that is not even the most disturbing part of this entire story.

Andrea said that while all this was happening she noticed the Syrian mother hurry outside. Thinking that the Syrian mother was attempting to intervene and bring her children inside she felt relieved. However, the Syrian mother picked up a brick herself and HURLED it at a 13-year-old boy in the scuffle. The young boy managed to escape the violent fray with only a minor injury but this should have never happened.

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    June 23, 2017 at 1:16 am

    Canada has always been filled with idiots. Deport the Muslim scum!

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