Liberal Fact Checkers Investigate Trump’s Speech… Then BOOM This HAPPENS



Melanie Mason of the Los Angeles Times was one of two fact checkers who was forced to report that statistics cited by Donald Trump during his Thursday acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention were “basically right,” though she added in her liberal way that immigration in general was “flat overall.”

However, Mason couldn’t deny the fact that her “fact checking” showed that Donald Trump was right in his assessments. In fact, she was the second reporter to confirm that The Donald’s facts were indeed facts.

Seema Mehta, another Times reporter, confirmed that Trump’s crime numbers were “mostly accurate,” though again she had to mitigate the damage to the mainstream media’s open borders agenda by claiming that “his conclusion are a stretch.”

“The number of new illegal immigrant families who have crossed the border so far this year already exceeds the entire total from 2015,” Trump said during his speech.

According to Mason, Trump was essentially correct, according to statistics from the U.S. Border Patrol. Approximately 51,000 families have crossed the border since the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year.

The liberal fact checkers could no longer deny that Trump knew what he was speaking about, even if it pained them to say so.

Fact checking is meant to keep politicians honest as well as guide public debate toward reasonable conclusions about policy and prevent hyperbole and debates fueled by divisive misinformation.

Usually, though, this fact-checking is performed by liberals and winds up defending liberal values and undermining conservatives on a partisan, not factual, basis. Not this time.

These liberals are going to have to face the facts now — Donald Trump knows what he is talking about.

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