Liberal Celebrity Seth Rogan Mocks Lookalike Stab Wound Survivor


Liberal celebrities have no class or sympathy for the lower class.

Seth Rogan is a lazy millionaire who made his fortune as an actor playing roles as a loser, stoner and now uses his fame to brainwash American youth.

Having no sympathy for anyone who doesn’t share his views Rogan thought it would be funny to make fun of a man who survived being stabbed nine time by a Muslim American gang. This man slightly resembled Rogan so in order to assure fans he was not the victim he tweeted how he’s fine and has health insurance unlike the actual victim. Real classy to make fun of someone who narrowly escaped death and who most likely has family members such as children who don’t deserve to be subjected to one assholes opinion of their father on a global level.

Via Freedom Daily:

Every single time one of these limousine liberals opens their big liberal mouths we’re reminded just how out of touch with the real world they are. The most recent ridiculously rude and classless display of that was from comedy superstar Seth Rogen who thought it’d be ok to make fun of a guy who sort of resembled him who’d been repeatedly stabbed and left for dead by Muslims who were, ya know, just acting out their religion.

Via InfoWars:

“Actor Seth Rogen mocked a multiple stabbing victim on Twitter because the Trump supporter did not have health insurance in another shocking example of vulgar leftist rhetoric.

Tony Foreman was stabbed nine times following a “free speech rally” in Santa Monica, California, last Saturday. The attackers, a Muslim Armenian gang, told Foreman, “You’re getting the shank White Boy,” before lunging at him with knives.

Democrats need to understand freedom of speech doesn’t mean act like a complete ass because you have no feelings, empathy, or a heart. No gives a sh*t about you crap opinions so keep them to yourself.

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