LIBERAL BABIES: Media Cries ‘SEXISM’ Over Debate Interruptions, But Only When…



If there’s one thing last night’s vice presidential debate proved, it’s that Hillary’s pick, Sen. Tim Kaine, is incapable of acting like an adult during a political discussion.

The support for such a conclusion goes well beyond the corny one-liners he attempted to toss out every few minutes, settling on how often he interrupted both the moderator and his opponent, Gov. Mike Pence.

The professional blabber put his expert skills of rudeness into full practice by interrupting a whopping total of 70 times.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to TheBlaze, According to the Republican National Committee and others, Kaine interrupted his opponent, Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence, and the debate’s moderator, CBS News’ Elaine Quijano, more than 70 times during the debate.

The RNC sent an email to reporters following the debate that featured tweets that highlighted the fact that many voters were turned off by Kaine’s aggressive tactics. The email included this tweet from CNN’s Dan Merica:

According to The Hill, RNC chairman Reince Priebus said after the debate that Kaine “desperately flailed away with empty platitudes and constant interruptions.”

Another analysis from ABC News backed up the RNC, finding that Kaine interrupted 70 times during the debate. Pence, on the other hand, interrupted just 40 times, it found.

Now, picture, if you will, this same debate with Pence constantly interrupting the female moderator?

The charges of sexism would be flying so fast it would make your head spin. Yet, here’s a Democratic candidate totally getting away with the same kind of behavior for which a Republican would be chastised.

In fact, that’s precisely what happened after last week’s presidential debate. Liberal media flipped their lids and cried ‘sexism’ after Trump interrupted Hillary 51 times. Where are those same folks crying “sexism” today?

Totally silent.

Kaine proved last night just how desperate Hillary is and how frightened by Trump her campaign has become, because he truly looked like a fish out of water.

If Trump goes out of his way to prepare for the next debate and sticks to the issues without being drawn into petty squabbling, he’s in a prime position to hand Clinton the shellacking of a lifetime.

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