Levin Derails Mueller Investigation With ‘Special Counsel’ Boundaries


Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity last night and dropped a BOMBSHELL about Robert Mueller and his phony “investigation” into Trump.

Levin, Former Reagan Administration lawyer turned Radio Host, revealed a memo that could end the Trump-Russia issue immediately.

This memo dictates the boundaries of the “special counsel” and Levin pointed out one paragraph in particular which NO ONE in the media has pointed out. According to Article I, Section 3, Mueller has ZERO authority or jurisdiction over Trump. Levin explains why this clears Trump all together and what this means going forward.

Sean Hannity sat in shock as Levin exposes this bombshell. WATCH this explosive clip then SHARE so it goes viral!

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  1. Lenay Henkes

    June 22, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Well, well, it’s about time!

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