Krauthammer: Trump Announces To Our Enemies ‘America Is Back’ And No Longer Pushovers


Following the chemical attack in Syria on civilians, President Trump has made a decision that shows America is ready to put Syria in its place.

59 missiles have been launced at an air base in Syria and Charles Krauthemer believes this was absolutely the right decision for Trump to make. Obama was a pushover and the foreign leaders of the world knew it. Now with Trump in office it’s very important for him to show them that there is a new sheriff in town so to speak.

Via Fox News:

Charles Krauthammer agrees with President Trump’s decision to launch 59 missiles targeting a Syrian air base in response to the recent chemical weapons attack on civilians.

He said it was “extremely important” for Trump to show Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, his allies Russia and Iran, and anyone else watching around the world that the Trump administration will not be reluctant to show strength.

Krauthammer pointed out that Trump only ordered airstrikes on one Syrian government air base, as opposed to all six.

He said that shows that Trump just wanted to “send a message.”

“He just wanted to say, ‘It’s not that there’s a new sheriff in town. There is a sheriff in town. There was an absence for eight years. America is back, and you’re not allowed to do whatever you want,” Krauthammer said. “That in and of itself is going to have a big effect.”

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America needs a strong President who is willing to act! Unlike Obama who was a weak Preasident who was only willing to golf.

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