Justin Moore STOPS His Show In CHICAGO To Tell ONE FAN In The Audience THIS…



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You may not think of Chicago as a hot-spot for country music, but The Windy-City was on fire Thursday night when Country Music star Justin Moore showed one unruly audience member just what it means to be country.

We here at Controversial Times are fully in support of equal rights for all, though there’s something pleasing about chivalry on display. And that’s exactly what happened at the Justin Moore concert in Chicago last week. An man in the audience was having some behavioral issues, and Moore–from his spot on stage–witnessed him mistreating a woman in the audience.

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We’re still not sure exactly what transpired, though it must have been intense enough even those on stage could see.

Moore then stopped the concert and knelt down at the front of the stage. He called the man out–publicly–speaking through the microphone so everyone in the auditorium could hear what he was saying.

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The embarrassed man, who wouldn’t look at Moore, knew he’d been busted. Moore could have left it at that. A good public shaming is often enough to influence behavior. But Moore didn’t leave it at that. He persisted until the man looked at him, and then Moore unloaded on the man.

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“Hey, hey, hey! Look at me,” Moore said. Moore’s band continued riffing in the background, playing the aptly titled You Look Like I Need a Drink. “If you ever throw anything at a woman at another one of my shows, I’m gonna beat the f–k out of you.”

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Brianne Gustafson shot the video posted below. “A true class act,” Gustafson said. “Justin knows how to treat a lady.”

After his verbal threat and his follow-up swagger, the venue’s security removed the man and Moore continued the show with no other difficulties.

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