JUSTICE SERVED: Women Who Vandalized ‘Trump Sign’ Got Instant KARMA!


VIA| A woman saw a “Hispanics For Trump” sign. It is an election season so of course a lot of people are political signs in their yard. Sometimes they might be for a candidate you don’t even like. So just drive by right?

That isn’t what this deranged woman did.

via the Boston CBS affiliate:

A woman was arrested after she allegedly vandalized a resident’s Donald Trump campaign sign and nearly ran over the homeowner as she tried to speed away.

Andover Police said Susan Bryant of North Reading spray painted the Trump sign on Jenkins Road early Saturday morning.

One side of the sign was painted with “Putin’s (expletive),” a reference to Trump’s purported relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. On the other side, Bryant allegedly painted “Gold Star Fail!”

When homeowner Art Gonsalves confronted Bryant, she allegedly drove off erratically, forcing the victim to run out of the way of her car.

Remember all the talk of Trump encouraging violence among his supporters? It seems the opposite is happening. Leftists and Democrats are so enraged at just SEEING someone support Trump that they are resorting to vandalism and violence. This election is already dividing America, and I am afraid it is only going to get worse as the election draws closer.

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  1. richard haverty

    August 9, 2016 at 5:45 am

    It’s not trump supporters,doing this , it’s the pussy liberals who are so scared that trumps going to win. These liberal pos have been causing trouble at every trump rally, when they out number trump supporters, but it was funny when the bikers showed up, not one of these cowards did anything, they’re so tough when they got numbers, if it’s even on both sides , the pussies did nothing, it’s your typical liberal cowards.

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