JUST IN: Obama Makes One Last ‘Unprecedented’ Move Before Leaving Office


VIA| Why is Barack Obama so determined to release as many criminals from prison as possible before he leaves office?

Today, he commuted the sentences of 72 federal prisoners.

That puts his total at 944 over these eight long years.

That’s more than the last 11 presidents combined.

From Western Journalism:

President Obama granted 72 commutations to federal prisoners Friday, bringing his total to 944 since taking office.

In the past few months Obama has been commuting inmates’ sentences at an accelerated pace, including 98 last week.

According to The Hill, Obama’s total of 944 is more than the past 11 presidents combined.

The majority of those who received commutations this week had been convicted of nonviolent drug offenses, but nine had committed firearms offenses along with their drug crimes.

Of the 944 prisoners, 324 had been serving life sentences.

“What President Obama has done for commutations is unprecedented in the modern era,” said White House counsel Neil Eggleston.

He continued, “The president is committed to reinvigorating the clemency authority, demonstrating that our nation is a nation of second chances, where mistakes from the past will not deprive deserving individuals of the opportunity to rejoin society and contribute to their families and communities.”

Obama has constantly argued that long sentences for nonviolent drug offenses are overly punitive and have a devastating impact on minority communities.

We’re not going to miss you, Barack.

Liberals may think otherwise, but that’s because they don’t know much of anything outside of what they see on their biased social media news feeds.

End of an error.

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