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It was too suspicious to be just a coincidence. On Constitution Day yesterday there were five bombs found in the tri-state area within 24 hours. At 9:30 am, a pipe bomb went off prior to a 5k race event for veterans in New Jersey, and another explosive detonated around 8:30pm in New York City, injuring 29. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that the explosion is obviously an act of terrorism, but noted that we can’t yet link it to any international terrorist group.

In addition to the bombings, there was an ISIS-linked stabbing spree at a Minnesota mall. Nine were stabbed (none died) before an off-duty police officer shot and killed the attacker.

No suspects have yet been identified in either the NJ or NY bombing, but authorities now have reason to believe both bombings were caused by the same person.

Via Fox News

A law enforcement source told Fox News on Sunday that the explosive devices found in Seaside Park, NJ, and New York City are believed to be from the same person.

Officials however haven’t still publically established a common link, New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said.

According to CBS PhillyThe devices in New Jersey contained black powder, which is an easily attainable explosive ingredient, several law enforcement officials told CNN. The FBI is planning to take the New York pressure-cooker device to its lab in Quantico for further analysis.

Separately, the New York Post reports, A 911 caller warned of further explosions right after the blast that rocked Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and injured 29 people, The Post has learned.

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