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Since retiring from swimming following his gold and silver medal streak at the Rio Olympics, Phelps has enjoyed spending time with his family.

On Thursday, Phelps appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to talk about his post-Olympic days and what he’s been up to since he left the sport for good.

“After 2012, I took about a year and half off, and I realized that I still had it and that I wanted to come back,” he said about his decision to return to the pool for the 2016 Olympics. “There’s no better way to cap off a 24-year career, and being able to have Boomer and Nicole [Johnson] in the stands…”

Fallon asked the question that’s been on everyone’s minds since Boomer was born: “Why did you name him Boomer?”

“We didn’t want a normal name,” Phelps said. “Boomer or Boom Boom. We had no second option. He’s definitely going to be the cool kid.”

Phelps revealed the baby started off with 5,000 Instagram followers, but after his debut at the Rio Olympics, that number skyrocketed!

“I run his account,” Phelps said. “Nicole takes a lot of the photos and we’re not always together, so she sends them over and I post them. He went from 5,000 followers in late June to… I think I just looked, he has like 660,000 followers.” (We may or may not be among them.)

Before Phelps appeared on the show, Boomer spent some quality time with host Jimmy Fallon.

“Yep! Got to hang out with @jimmyfallon before my daddy went on the show! #dontbejelly,” the caption read.

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