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JUST IN: Japan On HIGH ALERT After Learning N. Korea Is READY To Try This…



A Tokyo official confirmed the order has given and that the order for High Alert is also confirmed for Japan’s Navy.  The Japanese government official asked to not be identified because he does not have authority to speak to the media over the alerts as of yet.

Japan has PAC-3 Patriot missile batteries as well as advanced Aegis vessels in the Sea of Japan, that can track incoming missiles and shoot them down.


Due too recent “No Dong” ballistic missile launches by the DPRK, 1 of which landed in the Sea of Japan, Japan’s Naval High Alert and orders to strike down any projectile incoming to Japanese territories and waters.  The orders will remain for the next 3 months and will be reviewed at further time, according to Tokyo’s government officials statement.

Last week Japan’s defense report came out and it stated that the DPRK and China are an imminent threat to the region and a direct threat to Japan and the U.S territories.

Japan and the U.S. called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council over the growing tensions and threats from N. Korea and China.   The U.N. Security Council made a statement to the media after their emergency meeting, declaring that the U.N. highly condemns the DPRK for their threats and illegal missile launches and that China must stop its military growth in the South China Sea.

Now that the U.N. has, “highly condemned” the acts, I am sure N. Korea and China will immediately stand down and comply with international laws.  (sarcasm)  However, neither nation has complied with the U.N. or international court rulings and sanctions up to this point, which has lead to the increased tensions and unstable regions in the Pacific.

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