JUST Days Away From The Election Israel Sends A Clear Message To Trump For The Whole WORLD To See…



All across the country, Trump has motivated voters with his message of draining the swamp in Washington D.C. and turning the economy around.

It’s why he earned more votes in the primary than any Republican in history.

His message hasn’t just resonated in America.

Trump supporters are popping up all across the world.

Check out the scene that unfolded in Jerusalem’s Old City this week.

From Yahoo News:

On a rooftop overlooking the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, around 200 American-Israeli fans of Donald Trump gathered to proclaim their support for the Republican candidate, convinced he will be Israel’s best friend if elected.

Wearing “Make America Great Again” baseball caps, the small crowd, ranging from Holocaust survivors in their 80s to grinning teenagers in Trump t-shirts, said they didn’t care about the sexual assault allegations against the candidate or the online anti-Semitism of some of his supporters.

“Trump will let Israel be itself and make its own decisions, that’s what I like,” David Weissman, a 35-year-old from Queens, New York, who moved to Israel three years ago, said at the event late on Wednesday.

“He’s not a saint, but look at his achievements. He’s not afraid to identify the enemy as radical Islam, and he’s not going to support the two-state solution,” he said, referring to long-standing efforts to forge peace with the Palestinians


Trump has noticed the support he is getting in Israel.

He even had a message for the people over there.


You can bet he will have a better relationship with Israel than Obama does I can tell you that right now.

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