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Just 48 Hours After Consuming Plant Root, Patient’s Cancer Cells Were Being Destroyed


The cure for cancer is right around the corner!

Cancer is one of the trickiest diseases known to man and effects millions of people all around the world. Although cancer is all the same in the sense that cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Cancer is unique because of the numerous different types of cancer that are ever growing.

Scientists have spent countless hours researching and developing different possible cures for one of the world’s leading diseases. Multiple fundraisers and organizations exist to help fund the ongoing and extensive research. Well after decades of trying Scientists have discovered a likely treatment in an unlikely form.

Dandelion root has many medicinal purposes and has been used in medicine throughout history. The roots provide an extra strength that the immune system is lacking.

Via AWM:

The root of the dandelion holds the magic ingredient that scientists are currently experimenting with. It is said that the strong root builds up the immune system and blood, curing prostate, lung and other cancer far more effectively than chemotherapy.

Apparently, when the dandelion root extract is consumed, it works rapidly to fight cancer cells. This is what happened with Di Carlo. In only 48 hours of consuming the tea, the cancer cells start to disintegrate and the body goes to work replacing them with healthy new cells

One 72-year old cancer patient shared his story with the powerful root. After John Di Carlo, was sent home to live out his final days with family and friends after a long battle with leukemia that allegedly couldn’t be cured, he was advised to drink dandelion root tea. Doctors said that it was worth a try. And it certainly was! After drinking the tea, his cancer miraculously went into remission four months later and the only thing that the doctors could attribute it to was the consumption of the tea.

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