Judge Gorsuch To Senate Democrats: If You Don’t Like My Rulings Based On The Law, Write Better Laws


President Trump selected the perfect candidate to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

Even Democrats voted unanimously to elect him for the position he currently holds. Of course now that Trump supports him all the liberals who voted for him seem to have forgotten why.

Neil Gorsuch is a law man. Regardless of his personal opinion he uses the law to determine the outcome. If democrats don’t like his decisions that’s their own fault, write better laws.

Via IJR:

Judge Gorsuch has received almost universal acclamation from those on the Right. He is admired for his even temperament, his common sense, his dedication to originalism and textualism, and his belief that judges shouldn’t employ an “outcome based” judicial activism. Despite being unanimously confirmed to his post on the 10th Circuit by the Senate in 2006, the Left is now opposing his nomination in a familiar and largely unimaginative way.

How dare the Right nominate a person who has made legally-correct decisions that had “negative real-life implications?” Sen. Schumer and others on the Left reason that if Judge Gorsuch does not share a penchant for “social justice” and “socioeconomic empathy,” he must be unfit for the Supreme Court.

Judge Gorsuch himself stated that “it is our job… to apply the law Congress did pass, not to imagine and enforce one it might have but didn’t.” Other conservative jurists like Scalia, Thomas and Alito have consistently recognized just that. A jurist’s job is to read the law, understand the facts, and apply the law to the facts. Period.

Unlike the Obama administration, Neil Gorsuch plans to uphold the law. Not use his power to manipulate it in the hopes of not getting caught.

America needs someone honest who supports the American government and laws.

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