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Jorge Ramos: America Is ‘Our Country, Not Theirs’—‘And We Are Not Going to Leave’


Perhaps, Ramos still feels a little sting from being publically tossed out of a Trump press conference back in August of 2015.

In case you forgot, you can watch raw footage of the exchange, below:


But even before he was publically humiliated, Anti-tump Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has been a loud defender of illegal immigrants in America. He went as far as blaming the now President Donald Trump of causing the controversy by ‘criminalizing’ immigrants in this country.

Well, his recent defense of illegals just reached an all time LOW when he claimed it is justifiable if they use fake IDs because they want to “benefit our lives.”

Yeah, seriously.

During an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, guest-hosting “The O’Reilly Factor,” Ramos made some bizarre claims:

“They are here because of us. They are coming here, again, not because they want to go to Disneyland or because they want to kill Americans. They are here to benefit our lives. I mean, they’re here to — millions of Americans benefit from their work.”

He also claimed America is the one responsible for the flow of illegals into the country.

“It is not simply that they come here and they just wanted to come here and make money. Yeah, I mean, they want to do that. They want to better their lives. But also they are here to help us.

So we are partly responsible for that and I think we are partly responsible for finding a solution.”

And then he went as far as justifying the use of falsified documents…

“Many of them use fake IDs. Many of them use fake drivers’ licenses. Why? Because they are working for us. They come here because they want to work. They harvest the food that we eat. They build our homes.”

Here it is:

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  1. Cecilia Owens

    March 3, 2017 at 1:58 am

    So, using Ramos’ logic, I guess guns/weapons are here to make our life better. Both are dangerous and if not controlled will do wide spread harm. Right? Talk about nonsense.

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