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John Podesta: Press Did Not Play Up Russia Conspiracies Enough During Election


Democrats are now under the delusion that the media didn’t properly report the news.

During the 2016 election the media did nothing but bash Trump every chance they could. The only negative reporting on Hillary Clinton was proof of her email scandal. Having no proof Donald Trump was attacked by the media everyday.

Now after losing John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, is saying that the media wasn’t supporting their side.

Via Breitbart:

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign chairman, has claimed there was a “failing” by mainstream media to protect American democracy during the 2016 presidential election.

“The fact that there was substantiation that the Russians had hacked my emails, the DNC emails, that Wikileaks was an instrument of an attempt by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation to undermine our democracy, that could have been reflected in the press and I don’t believe it was,” Podesta said in an interview with the BBC’s Evan Davis.

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