John Ashcroft Just Smacked Down Hillary With Devastating News, SHE’S NOT OFF THE HOOK



There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is guilty of the many crimes she has been accused of, from Benghazi to her email server and pay-to-play politics with the Clinton Foundation.

As a gracious move, President-Elect Donald Trump has stated that he will not prosecute Hillary for these crimes, but former Attorney General John Ashcroft has a different take on what’s actually going to happen to Clinton.Said Ashcroft, “I would hasten to mention, though, that it’s pretty well known that there are a number of other investigations regarding the Clinton Foundation.”

He added, “I don’t think that what the president-elect has said would foreclose following those investigations to an appropriate conclusion.”

Continued John, “And if they found that there was some sort of a prosecution or legal action that was merited there, I don’t think that what has been said today would foreclose action on those issues.” Do you want Hillary to finally get charged for her crimes?

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