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Janitor creates whimsical murals from snow


Semen Bukharin is a janitor at a secondary school in Izhevsk, Russia. Like most janitors, his daily tasks include a lot of cleaning, fixing and landscaping. But unlike most janitors, Bukharin also spends a good deal of time each day creating amazing works of art for the students and staff at his school. Oh, and he creates that art using nothing but a shovel and some snow.

As you can see, these are no mere snowmen or snow angels. Bukharin’s work takes a while to create. And it often disappears by the next day. But that just gives him another canvas on which to work.

And create he does. Bukharin recently started posting pics of his creations onInstagram, much to the delight of the Internet. When asked where he gets the inspiration for his ideas, he told followers, “Ideas for paintings appear spontaneous, sometimes children themselves have expressed wishes what they want to see.”

Because who wouldn’t want to see a picture of an African safari (especially when you’re stuck in math class on a cold day in snowy Russia?)


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