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It’s Not Until The Camera Zooms In That You Can Truly Understand Why Teen’s Flag Is Famous


Amazing! High school student manages to make something amazing to she true support for the country he lives in and the people who protect our country.

Kids today don’t seem to care about anything but themselves. Playing video games, going shopping, and listening to music preoccupies them on a daily basis.

When it come to school simple quick projects are all they are interested in doing. Well that’s not the case for one high school student who took his school assignment to the next level.

Via AWM:

Jacob Feazel is not your ordinary high school student. When a teacher assigned his class a challenging project, Feazel jumped at the opportunity. Because he wants to be a talented artist when he grows up, he got to work creating something truly extraordinary. And when he had finished, no one believed he was only a high school student.

He painted his toy army soldiers in red, white, and blue and then glued them to a board to create an American flag. When he brought the finished project to the class, everyone was impressed, especially his teacher. And Feazel’s magnificent project, which took him about 50 hours to finish, put all of his classmates to shame.

Feazel painstakingly used 4,466 toy soldiers to create the magnificent piece of patriotic art.

America’s youth needs to be more like this kid. There are more important things happening in the world than a lame video game being released.

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