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ISIS Responds To Anonymous, And Now Things Are Getting Heated


After the attacks in Paris, Anonymous made it clear that they were going to war with ISIS and were going to expose them to the public. Well ISIS responded by saying they are not going to back down or be intimidated by the ‘Anonymous’ hackers. They’ve also made it clear that THEY, instead, are the ‘rulers of the internet,’ expressing that the hacker group are nothing but cowards. Who are they calling cowards? Blowing up hospitals and schools in the name of Allah is pretty friggin cowardly.

Check this out:

VIA| So many of today’s battles are fought on the internet. While ISIS has used online tools to recruit people to become Islamic radicals, clearly Anonymous has touched a sensitive nerve. These hackers are ready to do what it takes to shut down ISIS’ online operations, and the terrorists are not happy.

Love or hate Anonymous, they work outside of traditional rules of combat and are already outside the law. While that makes many governments uncomfortable, it may give them the ability to take on ISIS’s digital infrastructure in a way America can’t!

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