Iraqi Grandma Is Most Feared By ISIS After Decapitating Fighters On The Front Line



Always respect your elders: they’ve been in this world a lot longer than you have, and if you disrespect them, they’re liable to make sure you leave this world a lot earlier by chopping off your head. What, you’ve never heard that proverb? Don’t worry: this grandmother from Iraq will do everything in her power to make sure it catches on.


Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily, who’s 39 and is also known as Um Hanadi, is on a one-woman rampage against extremism. Equal parts Julia Childs and John Rambo, this self-proclaimed housewife is one of the biggest threats to ISIS. Why exactly has she declared her war against the biggest terrorist organisation in the world, and how is she taking down anyone unlucky enough to cross her path?

Look deep in the eyes of Um Hanadi, and you’ll see a steely remorse, as well as an unflinching desire to hurt ISIS. That’s as good a reason as any, but Um Hanadi has personal stakes in her war against ISIS: she’s lost most of her family – including her father, brothers and two husbands – to the extremist group, and that’s why she’s dedicated herself to taking down ISIS single-handedly.



That’s… that’s a pretty big gun she’s wielding up there, but funnily enough, she rarely uses it in her quest for vengeance. How does she prefer to destroy her enemies? We’ll let Um Hanadi herself tell you:

I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies. You can see it on my Facebook page.

It’s not clear whether she cooks the heads and burns the bodies separately, or cooks the entire body and it’s just the head ends up being easier to cook, but either way, that’s some pretty hardcore, Game of Thrones-level retribution there, and the shameless plug for her Facebook page is just exceptionally clever marketing.

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