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The Obama administration hit their 10,000 refugee resettlement target this week and as this map shows, some states have received far more of the burden than others.

Roll Call analyzed refugee data and created a map that shows where Obama is sending refugees, and noted that “more than 7,500 refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria have been admitted to the United States since Oct. 1.”

This 7,500 number is “more than four times the number in all of fiscal 2015. Syria is now the third most common country of origin for refugees,” Roll Call reported.

California, Arizona, Texas, and Michigan all received more than 500 refugees, whereas Alabama, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Delaware, and Vermont didn’t get any.

Michigan ranks high on the list of refugee resettlement, which certainly coincides with former President Bill Clinton’s suggestion that Detroit be rebuilt by Syrian refugees (as we reported here at TFPP).

Obama wasn’t going to let his presidency end without fulfilling his dangerous promise, and this summer he did just that by tripling the monthly average of refugee resettlement.

The resettlement of Syrian refugees has made their numbers third on the list of most common countries of origin for refugees in the United States. Only Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo are higher on the list.

As we also reported here, the 10,000 number is just the beginning:

“In November 2015, the Obama administration announced its plan to admit 10,000 refugees by Oct. 1. In September, Obama will hold a UN summit where he will call on other countries to ‘admit more refugees through resettlement or other legal pathways,’ along with increased funding and efforts to integrate refugees into their host countries.

A whopping number of refugees will be dispersed throughout the United States in 2016 — at least 85,000 — from countries such as Iraq, El Salvador and Somalia according to the White House statement.”

George Soros via his Open Society Foundations also has his grubby hands in the refugee crisis, which we now know about due to a leaked memo titled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review,” which discussed their globalist efforts to change policy and get people to accept the stream of refugees around the world as “the new normal.”

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