INSANE: Watch A Contortionist Squeeze His Entire Body Through A TENNIS RACKET


Have you ever looked at a tennis racquet and thought, “Man, I wonder if I can fit my entire body through there.” Um..yeah me neither. But apparently this guy has!

From the Daily Mail:

A bizarre video has emerged of a kung-fu expert in China contorting his entire body to make it fit through a tennis racket.

In the clip, shot in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, the man showcases his martial arts skills, demonstrating various moves in a dramatic run-up to the main exhibition.

He then proceeds to fold his body in half before squeezing it through the tennis racket.

This skill is going to come in handy when he, well, um, actually it isn’t going to come in handy at all. But it sure is fun to watch! Don’t try this at home.

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