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Husband Makes Stunning Work Of Art Using Nothing But Poster Board


One day, Taras Lesko’s wife asked him to do something simple. She asked, “Honey, can you make something for that big wall?” The answer was a resounding yesUsing nothing but a few cheap materials including foam board, poster board, push pins, spray paint, tacky glue, and “tons of patience,” Lesko created something stunning for his home. It looks like it was purchased from an art gallery or decorating boutique. What’s more incredible is that as beautiful as the end result is, it was as simple in its construction.

Using nothing but black-and-white poster board, Lesko created an easy technique. He cut the poster board into strips. Then he placed each strip diagonally, in alternating colors, across the board. Using white push pins on the black strips and black push pins on the white stripes, he pinned each strip down. As he pinned each section, he lifted the strip to create a hump or slope so that each strip pops up and down, giving the appearance of alternating waves. This makes the work of art totally 3D. While the process of cutting and measuring the paper strips was a little tedious, the finished product is certainly something that will be hanging on the wall for a lifetime.


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