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HUNDREDS Of Bikers Did Something AMAZING For Fallen Police at Baton Rouge!


VIA| Earlier this week, three more police officers were killed in the ongoing War on Cops in the Louisiana city. Hundreds of people gathered all around the city to show their respects, but one group did something really amazing to show their appreciation!

 In a stunning contrast to the scumbags at “Black Lives Matter,” hundreds of bikers took a “ride of honor” to show their respect for the fallen police at Baton Rouge.

Here’s more about what bikers did to show that America still honors and respects police officers:

A few bikers and cops became emotional following a law enforcement support ride in which hundreds of motorcyclists honored Baton Rouge area officers for their recent service and sacrifices.

Sgt. Marc DeArmond, a 20-year employee of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, was just one of many whom bikers shook hands with and embraced following the event, which ended at the Baton Rouge Police Department.

“It just feels great that the public is supporting us and that they’re coming together during this trying time for our city,” DeArmond, who is white, said. “It’s a tough time, but everybody is coming together and working hard to make sure that we take care of the community that takes care of us.”

Local motorcycle enthusiast Everett Landry organized the ride as a show of support for law enforcement and a way to honor those officers lost in the recent attacks

Pretty awesome. I’m glad to know that there are still Americans with some honor who respect the sacrifice made by law enforcement officers on our behalf.

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